ASE Study Guides - A-Series Car and Light Truck Certification (9-Book Set) E-Books

ASE Study Guides - A1-A9 E-Books

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The most recent Motor Age ASE study guides for the A-series. This set provides the knowledge necessary for technicians to successfully prepare for and pass all 9 ASE certification exams. The Motor Age study guides provides detailed information on all the required car and light truck topics, an ASE A-series exam task list, listing the topics required to obtain your ASE certification. The motor age training study guides are easy-to-read with detailed illustrations and real life examples.

The ASE study guide package includes the entire Car & Light Truck series (Set of all 9 books):

  • (A1) Engine Repair
  • (A2) Automatic Transmission
  • (A3) Manual Drive train>
  • (A4) Steering & Suspension
  • (A5) Brakes
  • (A6) Electronic/Electrical Systems
  • (A7) Heating & A/C
  • (A8) Engine Performance
  • (A9) Light Vehicle Diesel Engines

The Motor Age training study guides also contain ASE practice test questions, written in the style of the ASE exam.  In the back of the study guides you'll find answers explaining why a particular answer is correct and gauges your knowledge on what to expect and how to take the ASE technician's certification exam.  Most technicians use the books as a reference manuals on the job for years after.

As a testament to the confidence we have in the quality of our study guides, we offer a pass or don't pay money-back guarantee. If you don't pass your ASE test within 90 days after purchasing one of our corresponding study guides, send us a copy of your test results and book receipt, and we'll refund the entire cost of the study guide - less shipping & handling.

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